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SHANTY noun: shanty;
a song with alternating solo and chorus, of a kind originally sung by sailors while performing physical labour together.

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  • Who we are

    From Humble beginnings
    Fifteen years ago four men met in a local folk club in the landlocked village of Chalgrove in Oxfordshire and decided to form an a-capella singing group. They wanted to do something ‘different’ so they chose to become a Sea Shanty Crew. They went around local pubs and folk open session nights, presenting a totally different style of singing, and from those humble beginnings the crew has now grown to seven in number. We still sing in the pubs and clubs, but this has now expanded to large music festivals both in the UK and Europe, corporate and naval commemorative events. Like true shantymen we sing the traditional shanties, but we also invent our own, and provide our audiences with a better understanding of what shanty men did aboard ship. ‘Short Drag Roger’ has grown from its humble beginnings into a truly committed crew keeping shanties alive!

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